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Sejarah FISIP

A. Faculties of Social and Political Sciences
1. History
The Faculty of Social and Political Siences (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik-FISIP) was the first faculty established in the University of Riau. Its formation was based on the decree of Riau Foundation No. 2/KPTS/JUR/62 25 September 1962. This was later strenghtened by the decree of Minister of Higher Education and Sciences No. 123 in 20 September 1963 (effectively recognised in 1 October 1963).
FISIP has been through several name changings. When it was firstly formatted, this faculty was known as the Faculty of State and Business Administration where there were two departments operated; the Department of State Administration and Business Administration. Back then, the establishment of these departments was related to the need to fill for administrative employees within the government institutions as well as in private business in Riau province.
Over the years, this faculty has developed several new departments, such as Department of Law (based on the decree of University Senate on 2000) and Department of Communication (based on the decree of University Senate on 2000). The Department of Law was later disintegrated and became the Faculty of Law.

2. Departments:
a. Department of Government, offers Bachelor Degree in Government Study
b. Department of Sociology, offers Bachelor Degree in Sociology with specification in Rural Development and Social Development
c. Department of International Relations, offers Bachelor Degree in International Relations with specification in International Political Economy and Diplomacy and Strategy
d. Department of Public Administration, offers Bachelor Degree in Public Administration
e. Department of Business Administration, offers Bachelor Degree in programs such as; Business Administration and Tourism Management. Business Administration has three specifications; Management of Finance, Management of Production and Management of Marketing

3. Postgraduate:
a. Department of Political Sciences, offers two specification: International Relations and Management of Local Government.
b. Department of Administration, offers postgraduate level on Public Policy, Business Policy, Regional Finance, Human Resources Development
c. Department of Sociology, offers postgraduate level on Urban Sociology and Social Development Planning

4. Programs
Level Courses Year
Bachelor degree 157 credit points 4 years
Postgraduate degree 42 credit points 2 Years

5. Study Centers
a. Center of Empowerement of Local Government Study
b. Center of Human Resources Development and Study Center for Poverty Reduction      Study
c. Center of Transnational Activities Study
d. Center of Development and Regional Cooperation Study
e. Center of Business Development Study

6. Facilities
a. Convenient classrooms equipped with AC and LCD projectors
b. Main library and several other departments’ libraries
c. Laboratories
d. Auditorium
e. Seminar rooms
f. Mosque
g. Students’ union
h. Canteens
i. Copy centers
j. Sport facilities

7. Career opportunities:
Government employees, politicians, lecturers, political analysts, NGOs, banking industry, media, tourism and multinational companies.

Mailing address:
Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik
Universitas Riau
Kampus Bina Widya
Jl. Prof. Muchtar Lutfi, Panam
Pekanbaru 28293
Tel: 0761-63277
Fax: 0761-63277